Wrath of the Elements Redux – Earth

At long last number five for this series is done! It took a little bit longer than I wanted to due to some things coming up. Male muscled bodies are something I havent had a lot of practice with so this was an opportunity to do just that as well as a clean shaven head … More Wrath of the Elements Redux – Earth


Get it? Cause it’s shady and the character’s name is also Shade. … Some new commission work. Fun quick little piece! As another reminder, all commissions are 15% off until the end of the month!

Commissions Sale

It’s been a little while since the last one, but starting now until the end of October you can get 15% off on all the commissions. If you’re looking to get yourself some new character art, want one of your own drawn, or have an idea for an environment you’d like to see, head over … More Commissions Sale


You ever start a painting and have a massive brain fart on proportions but then eventually get a sketch that looks okay until you start painting then get really frustrated nothing looks right and nearly give up three times but then finally manage to get it on a whim and then the painting exceeds your … More Indecision

The Long Road

Just a happy little tree over here. Trying out some of the stuff from Bob Ross with how he layers mountains/hills/etc. I cant blend the paint like he does but there’s something to the base techniques. Overall I’m happy with how this turned out.

The Duelist

Trying some new things out for this one such as going for more of an overall scene rather than just purely focused on the character though she’s still the main focus. I dont believe Ive tried doing a crowd before that wasnt silhouetted so it was an interesting (and tedious!) challenge to get them to … More The Duelist